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   Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville (CAAN) is organized to promote the awareness, understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the Chinese visual arts and performing arts by presenting fine Chinese visual arts, crafts, performing arts and culture to the public. CAAN, founded on 12/30/02, is a 501(c)(3) non-profitable organization.  Our activities include seminars, art exhibitions, classroom teaching, educational workshops, public programs for children and adults.  CAAN would like to bring Chinese performing arts and other fine Chinese arts to Nashville by developing and showcasing talents in Nashville, and bringing to Nashville Chinese artists and performing artists from around the nation and world. CAAN would like to offer public resources on Chinese arts and culture, either traditional or contemporary.

Support CAAN by coming to our events, monetary donations (click on DONATION button on the right), in-King donations, becoming a supporting member (see membership form under ABOUT CAAN), volunteering, telling your friends about CAAN, and becoming our Facebook friends. 


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Contact info:

Email: ChineseArtsAlliance@gmail.com

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CAAN Director/Artistic Director: Jen-Jen Lin
Administrative Assistants: Jo Ting Wong, Pegah Kadivar

Technical Support: Buist Hardison
CAAN Student Lion Team instructors: Brandon Kozlowski, Joseph Rembert, Justin Chatman, & Jen-Jen Lin

CAAN Board of Directors:
Kim Allen(Treasurer), Ray Friedman, Cindy Hui-Lio, Sallie Mayne (Secretary), Cynthia Morin, Felix Wang, Sherry Wang (Chair), Rocky Arnold

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