Dragon Dance


Nashville Dragon Dance Team was established in 2012 at the Year of the Dragon.

This dragon was rebuilt by 50 volunteers and artists over 3 month after cutting 1500 scales to finished. We replaced all the posts to revive this old dragon in 2011.

Our dragon stretch to 60 feet long, and takes 10 strong men and women to make this dragon alive. Dragons play an important role in Chinese culture and history.  It is considered divine and auspicious animal with nobility. They symbolize strength, power, and wisdom. 

2011 CAAN's Dragon Restoration Project

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Nashville Dragon Dance Team at the 2018 Nashville Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon dancers:

Julian Buchi-Fotre, Russell Buchi, Pierre Hunt, Phillip Lewis, Guo Qiang Li, Russanne Buchi-Fotre, Huizhen Liu, Jay Zheng, Bin Zhao, Detang Shi, JianMei Perkins

Musicians: Jen-Jen Lin, Pegah Kadivard, JoTing Wong Technical support: Buist Hardison