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In-depth TaiChi Workshop Series: #1 "The Essence of Taijiquan"

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Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville is hosting a "In-depth TaiChi Workshop" series that to respond to the demands from Taichi learners in Nashville to have a in-depth learning and discussion of Taichi.

The first workshop in the series is "The Essence of Taijiquan" will be instructed by Joe Rea Phillips. This workshop is open to the public, and TaiChi learners of all levels. Joe Rea Phillips has a long history of practicing TaiChi and martial arts, especially in Chen Style TaiChiChuan, or Taijiquan.

Let's the effort to promote TaiChi and QiGong in our community, and advance personal learning about TaiChi and QiGong.

Pre-registration is required on-line by May 3rd, Friday. The workshop is held on May 4th, Saturday, 10 AM - Noon. (Click here for registration)

The minimum of the class size is 5. The maximum class size is 12. Register early to secure your spot.

Brief introduction of the instructor: Joe Rea Phillips has trained in Chinese martial arts for over 40 years. He has Black Belts in Northern Shaolin - Kickboxing, and Wing Chun before beginning his training with James Cravens in 1984 in the Chinese Boxing Institute International where he has been awarded Teacher Certifications in Chinese Boxing, Pa Kua Chang, and Tai Chi Chuan ( Yang and Chen styles ) In 1994 Joe Rea Phillips received the honor of becoming a “Senior Student” of James Cravens.

In March, 2012 Sifu Phillips traveled to Chenjiagou, China ( the birthplace of Tai Chi ) to become recognized by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang as a 20th generation “Disciple”, which connects him to the lineage of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan. He has also trained with masters such as Tao-Ping siang ( Yang style ), Chen Zhenglei, Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Quanzhong, Chen Yingjun, and Chen Bing. He has served as the Faculty Adviser and Instructor to the Vanderbilt University Kung Fu Club for 28 years. In 1998 Phillips created a course at Vanderbilt University titled “Tai Chi for Musicians” that he taught for 20 years in helping musicians and other students deal with stress.

Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville is a not-for-profit arts and culture organization since 2002. We are promoting the awareness, understanding, appreciation, and enjoyments of Arts and culture that associated with Chinese heritage and experience.


What should I wear at the workshop?

Please wear loose and comfortable outfit. Please wear flat indoor shoes, or socks for the workshop. Shoes wore for outdoor is not allowed.

What should I bring for the workshop?

Please bring your own water bottle. Water can be re-filled at the entrance of the studio.

Is there refund policy?

No, there is no refund policy.

Is the registration transferable?

Yes, the registration is transferrable. Please do forward the transferring person’s name and contact to A Liability release form also needs to be signed ahead of time by the new person.