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New "TaiChi for Beginners" at Coleman Community Center

Tuesday at 5 PM, weekly! $3/class

Tuesday at 5 PM, weekly! $3/class

TaiChi (TaiJi Quan) translated as “supreme ultimate fist” is originated from Chinese martial arts.  TaiChi moves gently with a calm mind, it is nick named “Meditation in Motion.”  It applies the theory of Ying and Yang, and find balance of body and mind.  In this workshop, we will learn the basic breathing, standing, stepping and basic Taichi moves and exercises.

This is a new fitness class offered at the Coleman Community Center on Tuesdays 5-6 PM starting on Aug 6, 2019. All levels are welcome. Instructor is Jen-Jen Lin.

Ms. Lin also teaches TaiChi at Sevier Park Community Center on Wednesdays 10-11 AM.