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Moon Festival, DimSum Touches Your Heart

Click here for Ticket and info.

Click here for Ticket and info.

Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville (CAAN)'s “the Moon Festival Celebration” presents 15 varieties of “Dim-Sum” including traditional Moon Cakes. 

There are harvest celebrations or festivals in many cultures. Chinese celebrate harvest with the 中秋節Mid-Autumn-Moon-Festival. It is over 1,000-year-old tradition for the Chinese to reflect on the bounty of the summer harvest, the fullness of the moon and the myth of the immortal goddess, Chang E, who lives in the moon. Millions of Mooncakes are eaten. Moon Festival comes with many flavors, and shaped like a full moon, which symbolize the reunion of the families! The festival is often thought of as “Chinese Thanksgiving” because of its spirit of gratitude and abundant food. 

Chinese Arts Alliance establish a different kind of celebration. We select special Cantonese cuisine, Dim-Sum, as its main feast to celebrate the bountiful harvest in the fall. 

點心, pronounced as “Dim-Sum” in Cantonese Chinese, is prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Literally 點 “Dim” means touch, and 心 “Sum” means heart. “Dim-Sum” is so delicious; it truly touches your heart! 

Traditionally during the Moon Festival, Chinese people will gather with their families under the bright moon as they eat moon cakes, and worship the Moon Goddess, appreciating the beauty of the moon. 

Since this is a special prepared menu that required advance preparation, Advanced ticket purchase is required by September 8. This event is open to the public! 

Early Bird by August 28. ($40/person, $280 per Table of 8) 

Regular ticket by September 8. ($55/person, $360 per Table of 8) 

note: Each table seats 8 people 

(40% of the ticket purchased is tax deductible. Ticket includes hot tea or ice water, and service fee) 

*The Moon Festival is a set menu food event. No substitutes. Thank you for understanding.

Love to have you joining us! 

Great food, great company, and great fun!